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A Local Congressman is Still Focused on His Job Despite Other Distractions

Friday, July 28, 2006 1:30 PM
WCLT News Staff

18th District Congressman Bob Ney
18th District Congressman Bob Ney

18th District Congressman Bob Ney of Heath says heís staying focused on his job despite an investigation that could lead to his indictment.

Neil Volz, who is Neyís former Chief of Staff, is cooperating with prosecutors as they look into congressional ties to lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who faces years in prison for fraud and corruption.

ďIím focused on my job. You canít let this thing get a hold of you. I think it has spun out of control. I really do. I think, again, fact will be separated from fiction. I just think this has went so far people have jumped off the diving board.Ē

Ney says heís not dwelling on the situation

ďItís not a pleasant thing but you have to focus. I do my job, I commute back home and Iím around the district. Thatís what my job is. You just canít let this whole situation out here involving a lot of members now swirl around and stop and the work of Washington. It just canít happen.Ē

Ney says heís cooperating with investigators in the Abramoff case.

ďIíve talked to them. Iíve sat down and I said I would. I havenít been called back again. If they want to sit down and talk to me again I will and I said I would do that and so would my staff.Ē

Ney says a member of his eastern Ohio office was subpoenaed two weeks ago.

ďIím not concerned. We have nothing to hide. I will tell you this that donít you find it unusual that after 17 months that the Justice Department all of the sudden, 120 days before the election, subpoenas a staffer. They could have called him within the last 17 months. Iíll leave it right at that. I find it very unusual.Ē

Ney adds he doesnít know how it will turnout.

ďI donít know where itís headed at the end of the day, but I do known that I care about issues. I care about illegal immigrants. I care about China taking our jobs. I care about healthcare that we need for Americans. I care about veteranís issues. I care about the district. I canít sit here and speculate and spend my time speculating on where this is going. It will go where it goes or it will go where it doesnítĒ

Ney has not been charged with any wrongdoing and has said that he will run for re-election even if he is indicted.


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