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Boeing Company is Growing

Tuesday, March 8, 2005 9:10 AM
Eric Brown

Boeing moving A-WACS Bringing With it 35 jobs
Boeing moving A-WACS Bringing With it 35 jobs

A fixture in the Heath-Newark Licking County Port Authority is expanding bringing with it 35 jobs with the potential for 60.

The Boeing Company is relocating it’s A-WACS (Airborne Warning and Control Systems) antenna calibration from Corinth, Texas.

“Licking County can be very proud about such a great place for economic development and job creation. We’re talking about a $4 Million dollar investment. 35 new high-tech, high skills jobs here at the base.”

Governor Bob Taft says the state of Ohio is a partner in the expansion, “I’m very pleased that the state of Ohio could be a partner in this project. We are pleased to provide a strong package of incentives including a job creation tax credit, a research and development investment loan, and tax credits and job training dollars as well.”

Rick Platt is the Executive Director of the Heath-Newark Licking County Port Authority, “This is a mile stone day for the Port Authority and really by extension the community. This really is the starting signal that says we’re going to have more jobs in Heath and we are going to stabilize the base. The base is going to be here for a long time to come.”

Heath Mayor Dan Dupps says that there has been a history of consistency at the base, “We started in the 1960’s with the United States Air Force. We’re still here and we are going on with Boeing and we’ll be here in the future. That’s good for young people who still have an opportunity to be hired on at a place like Boeing. That’s what we’re sorta here for.”

Boeing’s current plan is to start the transition of business to Heath late in the second quarter of this year.

(L to R) Gov.Bob Taft, Rick Platt, Dan Dupps
(L to R) Gov.Bob Taft, Rick Platt, Dan Dupps


Gov. Taft; Port Authority's Rick Platt; Myr. Dupps


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