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Monday, January 29, 2007 5:11 PM
County Commissioner Tim Bubb

County Commissioner Tim Bubb
County Commissioner Tim Bubb

Just a quick update on Licking County Government as we wrap-up the month of January...

A major change in the face of Licking County government as longtime Commissioner’s Clerk Marvella McCluskey retires on January 31st. We wish Marvella and husband Jim McCluskey a great retirement together.

At the same time County government must move forward and last week we announced the hiring of Beverly Adzic to replace Marvella.

Adzic will begin her duties with the Commissioners on February 12th, and brings a decade of experience as the Clerk of Council and Administrative Assistant at the Village of Granville. She fills a position renamed Clerk/Administrator and we have high expectations for her, as we all work to serve the public.

Much has been said about the current contested annexation petition in the community as residents of a 514-acre area in Granville and Union Townships seek annexation to the Village of Granville.

Because this proposed annexation petition was not unanimous, or signed by all of the property owners involved, the Commissioners will act as a panel of judges either approving or denying this request. The decision can only be based only six points of consideration as specified in state law, and the evidence collected under oath at a hearing held on January 18th. As commissioners we will deliberate in the days ahead, and plan to offer our decision on Tuesday, February 20th.

In 2008 Licking County will celebrate its Bicentennial Year. In March of 1808 the State Legislature divided Licking County from Fairfield County to the south. A variety of projects large and small are being planned to celebrate the County’s 200th Birthday.

If you would like to be involved, and or offer suggestions - please feel free to e-mail or call. The next County Bicentennial Commission planning meeting will be held at the Administration Building at 20 South Second Street in downtown Newark on Tuesday, February 27th at 5:30pm, and any and all are welcome to attend.

Finally, a note on behalf of my old friends at WCLT Radio...

As many of you know that local radio station has for many years sponsored the ‘WCLT Foster Children’s Fund’ to assist the local families and children in the County’s foster care. All of the money is spent to help local children, with the spending directed by a caring committee of the parents who do the fostering. Indeed it is a worthwhile charity and deserving of your support at Christmastime and year-round.

That said - if your are a sports fan and/or hockey fan - on Sunday afternoon February 11th at 3:30pm a special ‘Newark Night with the Columbus Blue Jackets’ is planned as they host the Chicago Blackhawks. Here’s how you can help the Foster Children’s Fund. Tickets for the game are $27 each and $5 from each ticket will be donated back to the local fund.

For tickets call 614-246-PUCK or go on-line at and click on the Blue Jackets link. It will be a great way to help a local cause while enjoying a major league sporting event!

Groundhog Day is only a few days away - let’s hope the rodent sees his shadow and that spring will be right around the corner!

Best Wishes...Licking County Commissioner Tim Bubb


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