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Pataskala Street Fair Gets Underway Wednesday

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 9:06 AM
Lauren Bindley

The Fair is Held in Downtown Pataskala
The Fair is Held in Downtown Pataskala

The 62nd Annual Pataskala Street Fair gets underway Wednesday and runs through Saturday. 

“The fair is held on Main Street in downtown Pataskala, which is also State Route 310. It is almost a mile long when it is all set up between the rides, our area where we have booths, our local food vendors and that type of thing.”

Rex Johnson, Chairman of the Street Fair Committee, says there will be plenty of entertainment for everyone to enjoy. 

“Thursday and Friday during the day is Kiddie Day on the rides from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Then, the fair starts up about 5 p.m. We have entertainment every night. Wednesday night will be the 25th Annual Little Miss Firefighter Pageant, which is sponsored by our Women’s Auxiliary. The Paul Clark Band will be performing that night.”

Johnson says a big event is planned for Saturday. 

“Saturday at noon is the parade. Last year, I believe, the parade was three-and-a-half to four hours long. It was the biggest parade we have ever had in Pataskala.”

Johnson explains who puts on the fair year after year. 

“The West Licking Firefighters Association sponsors the fair, and this will be its 62nd year. The association used to run the department until the 1980s when it became a fire district. So, the association is made up mostly of retired volunteers and just citizens from the community. There is only a handful that are active firefighters anymore. We have a rehab unit that we use for the fire department, and we support them with special equipment through funds from the fair.”

Johnson says they plan to keep the Pataskala Street Fair going for many years to come. 

“That is our hope. As long as we are turning a little bit of a profit, we plan on putting it on as long as we can. We had some problems last year, but it wasn’t so much the money issue at the time, it was the short notice that we had last year. That is what caused a lot of the controversy and really ruffled some feathers.”

Johnson invites everyone to come out and enjoy a day or two at the fair.

“It is just a good, small town fair. There are a lot of reunions...a lot of people come back just for the fair. Some of the high school classes had their reunions this week so they could be here for the fair.”

Admission to the fair is free...as is all of the entertainment.


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