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Date Posted: 09/15/17
Young female cat. Some calico markings. Some grey stripes. Brittany hills area
Contact: 608-449-1961


Date Posted: 09/16/17
As of yesterday afternoon our new sheep (just one ram) has got out and is on the run. In the Forest Hills Area last seen on Cotterman Rd. was spotted on Blue Jay Rd. And Watson Rd. as well Please if you have seen him call me 740-403-0311 Kathy He is scared Sheep are herd animals and do not like being alone, any help in finding him would be so helpful.I thank you
Contact: 740-403-0311
Date Posted: 09/15/17
Male Scottish terror.Angus. Has allergy hot spots on his back. Older dog with some white hairs on his back. Lost in the Moull st and King Ave area.9/14/17
Contact: 740 344 5724

For more Lost Pet information visit Licking County Animal Control

List a lost or found item or pet


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